Baby constipated after starting solids: This is an important step to start offering solid food to your baby. After months or maternal or diet formula, adding diversity to your child’s diet is exciting as you explore what she likes. Unfortunately, with solid foods can come constipation in your baby’s digestive system works to treat the new type of nutrition. By adjusting the type of food you are offering and helping to resolve constipation, you can increase your baby’s comfort and success by eating solid foods.

Baby constipated after starting solids : What to do?
Baby constipated after starting solids : What to do?

Baby constipated after starting solids: From solids

When you begin to offer solids to your baby, his immature digestive system must learn to treat foods efficiently, including removing water and nutrients from the food when it passes through the gastrointestinal tract. When food has as much water or fiber, they can become dry, which results in hard, hard-to-not-stool stools that cause discomfort and constipation. Offering the right type of solids can help remedy the problem.

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Baby constipated after starting solids
Baby constipated after starting solids


Your baby’s elimination rate may be different from other children. As long as your baby has regular bowel movements and no signs of discomfort, it is treated and efficient passage of waste. It is when your child becomes steep, narrow or gassy that a problem is evident. Constipation is painful, and your child will show that the pain in crying or pulling on his legs on his abdomen. His stomach can also feel terrible to touch.

For older children who have started a solid diet, the symptoms of constipation may include:

  • Irritability, abdominal pain and gastric discomfort,
  • A bloated belly,
  • Persistent abdominal pain after a bowel movement,
  • Stools streaked with blood, generally due to anal lesions caused by the passage of hard stools,
  • Stools similar to small pellets.

What causes constipation?

A baby may be constipated because he does not swallow enough fluid or his diet is not high enough in fiber. If the problem persists, it is important to have it examined by your doctor or pediatrician who may exclude other diseases.

Baby constipated after starting solids
Baby constipated after starting solids

Best Foods

Rice cereals are often the first choice for supplying solids. Unfortunately, it is low in fiber and can cause constipation. If your baby seems constipated after eating rice cereal, switch to baby cereal-based barley, which is higher in fiber. Next, offer fruits and vegetables in different varieties to help keep your baby regularly. They are high in fiber to restore a more natural rhythm in the digestive tract.


If your baby becomes constipated after eating solid food for the first time, talk to your doctor about your child diet schedule. If your child is less than four months old, it is best to wait until the digestive system has time to mature before offering the strongest. You can offer your baby a sweet laxative prune juice. Try 1 ounce of juice mixed with 1 ounce of water once a day. If your child is severely constipated, ask your pediatrician using a glycerin suppository to help alleviate the symptoms of your child. Glycerin suppositories should be utilized sparingly and are not a long term solution but can help relieve constipation for a more positive experience with solid foods.

Baby constipated after starting solids
Baby constipated after starting solids

Ask always consult your doctor or pediatrician before trying any medication to relieve your baby.

For a child who started solid foods, ask your pediatrician if you can add a few tablespoons of stewed plums or prunes for breakfast in the morning or make him drink spoonfuls of prune juice. Think also about rhubarb accounts!

Try to give your toddler fruits (compotes) and green vegetables (green beans, leek purée, spinach) so that he has the amount of fiber he needs. Make him drink plain water.

The following three tips can also relieve your infant:

  • Reassemble her legs to her belly by making small movements if it seems constipated.
  • This can stimulate its intestines and help move the stool.
  • If eating solid foods, limit the foods that constipate, such as rice, banana, carrot.
  • Massage her womb gently belly in the direction of clockwise.
Baby constipated after starting solids
Baby constipated after starting solids

When to see the doctor?

If the stool becomes scarce and has an unusual appearance (dry, discolored, in the form of marbles) if there is bleeding, if the baby often cries and squirts, consult your doctor.
The latter will check in particular the presence or not of a balloon, anal fissures, and a digestive malformation.

Be reassured: it is not uncommon for young children to be constipated, especially once they have begun eating solid food, their bodies learning to “manage” new foods.

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