Baby massage for constipation: Your little tip has a stomach ache? To soothe her and offer her a “constipated baby” massage, follow the three steps. Small pressures on the belly, stimulation of the transit by the knees and the feet … all to restore the smile to baby!

Baby massage for constipation: three gestures to relieve it
Baby massage for constipation: three gestures to relieve it

Baby massage for constipation: When and where to start?

If it helps boost the parent/child bond, infant massage also has many hidden virtues. To massage baby like a real pro and soothe his ailments smoothly, back on a few tips.

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The benefits of infant massage

Baby massage for constipation
Baby massage for constipation

Baby massage offers an excellent opportunity for the child to better discover his / her dad or his / her mother and vice versa. Thanks to the contact of their skin, to the looks and smiles they exchange, to the sound of the voice of the parent massager, each tame the other. Beyond these moments rich in emotion, the child learns the limits of his body, of which he is not aware during his first months. Next issued gestures, massage can also help to soothe the little disorders suffered by baby: colic, constipation, sleep disorders, muscle tension, teething.

The Right Time for an Infant Massage

There is no minimum or maximum age for baby massages. It just must choose the right time (after the bath, for example, never before or after a meal) and does not exceed 10/15 minutes at the risk of the tire.

Be attentive to the reactions of your little kid and adapt your gestures accordingly. Know that during the first sessions of massage; baby can show itself grunt, even cry during the massage. Do not give up; it may just be that the baby needs more time to get used to this particular gesture. The solution: start with very short massage sessions, which you can lengthen gradually, depending on the reactions of your tiny baby.

Also note: in some cases, it may be against medical indications in infant massage, please talk with your pediatrician.

Baby massage for constipation
Baby massage for constipation

Precautions for use before an infant massage

It is entirely possible to rub your child over his clothes. However, it will be more enjoyable for you both to have direct contact, skin to skin. Before removing the baby, make sure that the room temperature is about 25 ° C so that it does not catch a cold. Wash your hands, make sure they are lukewarm and that your nails are short enough to avoid scratching them. Then pour a few drops of a natural vegetable oil or a special baby milk and start the infant massage.

Baby massage for constipation: where to start?

Some experts recommend beginning the infant massage by foot, others by the fontanelle. It all depends on the intended purpose: if you want to relax your baby or if you want to relieve it of a particular pain. Mass back, sacrum and calves to reduce stress, belly for internal problems, back and neck or feet, and legs, to prepare baby to sleep.
For a full soothing massage, The constipated baby massage is done in three steps:

massage with hand

The baby is lying on his back and removed his nappy. With the hand, one turns on its belly in the direction of the needles of a clock. One turns with the fingers and the palm of the hand. The goal: relocate what is stuck in the large colon.

bend the knees

is lengthened her baby on the back and massaged the baby belly with his knee. You turn your knees well on your stomach to rub it and act on constipation.

foot massage

While mom cradles the baby, Dad can, for example, take his little feet. With his fingers, he goes up gently towards the toes and continues to massage the whole of the foot.

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