Juice for constipation … Constipation is most often related to poor eating habits. The digestive tract and its proper functioning depend on the quality and quantity of bile secreted by the liver. So take care of his liver.

6 best juice for constipation
6 best juice for constipation

It is critical to have proper digestion if you want to detoxify your body and keep your health. If you want your problem to go away, you should consume enough fruits and vegetables. This type of nutrition will bring you many benefits.

Fruits and vegetables will help you detoxify your body, reduce belly fat, lose weight, they protect you from diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc.

They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants making them foods that will help you relax stress.

To combat constipation consider drinking in large quantities: at least 6 glasses of water during the day, but also fruit juices, soups.
We offer you some fruit juice recipes that can help you fight against constipation;

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The best juice for constipation: Preparation of excellent apple-beet juice:

2 beets
5 cm ginger
1 apple
5 mint leaves
2 celery stalks
1 cucumber

Pass these ingredients into the juicer get this incredible juice.

Preparation of delicious watermelon juice:

1 cup watermelon
1 cup strawberries 5
mint leaves
5 cm ginger

Give these ingredients into the juicer and get this irresistible juice.

Preparation of the incredible celery-pineapple juice:

1 cup of pineapple
Three sprigs of celery
1 lemon
Four mint leaves

Pass these ingredients into the juicer and get this great juice.

Preparation of the incredible apple-celery juice:

2 apples
Two sprigs of celery
1 lemon
Handful of parsley
1 cucumber

Pass these ingredients into the juicer and get this good juice.

Preparation of delicious pineapple-melon juice:

1 cup of pineapple
1 cup of melon
5 cm of ginger
Pass these ingredients into the juicer and get this incredible juice.

Preparation of great lemon juice:

2 apples
1 lemon
5 cm ginger
Handful of spinach

Give these ingredients into the juicer and get that juice.

You will discover that the combinations are endless and that you will obtain the most varied tastes, in general very pleasant. It is a real adventure in the universe of forgotten flavors that you offer yourself by making juices, in addition to a beautiful gift of nutrients for your body.

The organization

The problem of “juicing” is that it requires team because:

You need a special machine to take full advantage of plants
The juice does not preserve, and oxidizes if you do not drink it immediately; You can not make it once a month, then drink it in small portions.
Many people use a centrifuge, which costs only 50 $ at entry level but has the disadvantage of not properly extracting all the juice and pulp. A part of your fruits and vegetables will then end up in the trash rather than in your glass.

The only powerful tool to make vegetable juices is the extractor.

It is much more expensive (between 250 and 350 $), but it recovers much more juice and nutrients. The pulp coming out of an extractor is almost dry; there is nothing lost. On the other hand, the juice is purer than with a centrifuge, which allows much fiber to pass through.

The extractor also has the advantage of keeping the juice for the day away from oxidation.

However, it is essential to choose a simple model that will minimize installation and cleaning time. Otherwise, you will not use it. If you live alone or together, there are manual extractors that will do the trick. They are also much more accessible (54 $).

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Latest advice for the road

Start making your juices with vegetables that you usually consume. The taste should be pleasant to you, without causing nausea. It is critical to listen to your body when you make juices. Have a drink at breakfast, and do not feel any discomfort in the stomach during the whole morning. If your stomach makes odd noises, it is that you can not stand one or more of the vegetables. As far as I am concerned, I realized that I could not drink a lot of cabbage juice, which is a shame because it is excellent and the anti-cancer properties are proven.

I will come back regularly to juice and smoothie recipes on ideas of vegetable juice cocktails to explore. It is an inexhaustible source of fun.

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