Best natural stool softener for adults: The problems associated with episodes of constipation poison the lives of millions of people. The constipation is manifested by the delay or difficulty in evacuating stools. It may be of an occasional or chronic nature when it lasts for more than six months. Constipation is used when there are fewer than three bowel movements per week. Constipation can be of two kinds: ‘transit,’ when stools are struggling to make progress, and they stagnate too long in the colon, and “discharge” when blocking at the rectum. The causes of functional constipation are many: poor diet, lack of physical activity, delaying the defecation when the urge arises, ileus, some cases of food allergies.

Best natural stool softener for adults
Best natural stool softener for adults

There are a large number of laxatives natural. Among them are the magnesium (especially the magnesium chloride in very unpleasant taste), which is a mineral which, taken in capsule or powder, causes visceral reactions. Regarding food, prunes (especially juice), kiwi, flax seeds, fresh citrus juice or the olive oil are natural laxatives simple enough to consume. In general, consume dietary fiber (found in vegetables and pulses) also has a laxative interest.

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Best natural stool softener for adults: Recommended Plants Against Constipation


The artichoke is known for its properties diuretics and its action for the evacuation of bile. Thus, the artichoke helps fight against constipation. The artichoke is useful in all its forms: freeze-ground powder, tincture, solids, and of course salad.


The relaxing effects of dandelion are convened in cases of constipation and to rebalance the intestinal transit. The purifying properties of dandelion affect constipation related to liver failure, in decoction or tincture.

The purple

The purple is used for its emollient qualities (which softens) and thus promotes the evacuation of hard stools. The flower of mauve in infusion gives a gorgeous herb tea of color blue. Its diuretic effect is soft and does not irritate the intestines.


Best natural stool softener for adults
Best natural stool softener for adults

Flax seeds are rich in fiber and pectin, useful in cases of chronic constipation. The viscous substance they contain (mucilage) is released in contact with water and their absorption (a tablespoon in a glass of water) makes it possible to speed up the transit.


In flake, powder or seeds, psyllium (or ispaghul) is very useful in treating constipation. Diluted in a glass of water, its soluble fibers allow the softening of the stools and facilitate their evacuation.

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It is the shell of the wheat grain, it represents 18% of the weight of the caryopsis (grain), contains minerals in abundance but little comparable because as phytate (salt of phytic acid) and Proteins (17% by weight).

Sample Dosage: 2-3 teaspoons (more if one supports) per day mixed (or powdered) to food (mashed potatoes, soup, porridge, sauce) or dessert.

There are also in the stores sound tablets, granules, bread enriched with bran, rusks enriched with sound. It is, of course, preferable to use “organic” wheat bran, because the various pesticide treatments (during cultivation and storage in silos) strongly impregnate the outer parts of the grain of wheat.

The sound may cause flatulence at the beginning of therapy; it is best to start with a half dose and gradually increase the amount of daily sound.


In the course of a few days: prunes, pears, apricots, figs, dates 5-10 fruits set to swell as well in cold water than in warm water, to consume as is preferred in the morning or Evening drinking water with.


Very easy to achieve in tropical regions: 1/2 grated coconut in the evening or morning, complete with its juice

Caution: Always take advice from your doctor

These tips can not replace the opinion of a physician or a pharmacist. If symptoms persist or worsen, it should quickly consult his doctor.

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