Foods that make you poop


Foods that make you poop

If you are in the habit of ingesting food and going to the bathroom, you have probably been surprised to notice that certain foods pass through the acidity of your gastric juices and slip along your intestine to stand intact in the bowl. Nature is sometimes full of questions to which we do not have the answer, but at least you will get an idea of what you can recycle if your fridge is empty.

Foods that make you poop
Foods that make you poop

Sesame Seeds

In large quantities, sesame seeds fly your poop to give them a very pop-art look reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein’s dotted line technique. Art is everywhere.


Popcorn and corn kernels are resisting once in your stomach and soon to slip quickly into the colon. Quite stunning when you know that corn has no legs and still succeeds in going faster than other foods.

Salad leaves

If you are a turtle, it should not surprise you too much. However, humans are quite dumbfounded when they discover that in their stool are hidden little green leaves. Like a big spring roll, actually.


You will tell me it is normal for a word that begins this way.

Red peppers

A recurring phenomenon in newborns, it is also possible to deal with this strange adult discovery. Perhaps it is possible to thwart nature by swallowing pepper all round? If it does not work, I hope you trust your rectum.

The sausage skin

During a raut with friends, nothing better than a slice of laughter and sausage …! The moment is short, however, when you see once on the throne that the skin is wrapped around your turret to form a roast beef.

Food containing fiber

Consume more foods with high fiber content, helps fight against constipation. The choice is vast: prunes, apricots dry figs , but also nuts ( walnuts , hazelnuts , almonds ), legumes (lentils, white beans , split peas, chickpeas, beans …), beets, spinach , peas , celery, fennel , endive, cereals (bran of wheat and oats are very high in fiber ) and fresh fruits. Plums, passion fruit, kiwi, raspberry, blackberry, redcurrant, grape, walnut and hazelnuts, orange are advised, unlike bananas that are not indicated. Also, consider eating fruit in yogurt for example and taking a glass of fresh orange juice at breakfast.

Tips to increase fiber intake

  • Replace refined cereal products with brown rice, pasta or whole grain bread.
  • Consume more fruits containing fiber: apples and pears with their peels, raspberries and blackberries, dried fruits (prunes, apricots, and dates).
  • Choose more often vegetables rich in fiber: artichokes, peas, beets, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, corn, turnip, potatoes with the peel.
  • Eat more legumes, excellent sources of fiber: white or red beans, lentils, lima beans, chickpeas.
  • Add lentils or dried beans to soups, casserole dishes, and salads. Cook a vegetarian chili.
  • Spread hummus over a slice of whole grain bread or snack crackers.
  • For snacks, choose fiber-rich cereals (4 g of fiber per serving and read) or a homemade high-fiber muffin.
  • When making muffin recipes, replace the white flour with whole wheat flour. Add ground flax seeds or bran of wheat or oats.
  • Add wheat or oat bran, linseed or chia seeds to your yogurts and compotes.
  • Add soybeans to soups, stir-fries or salads
  • As a snack, eat a small handful of dried fruit and nuts.
  • Read food labels and choose bread, bagels, pitas, tortillas, and crackers that contain 2 to 4 grams of fiber per serving.

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