Lazy intestine? Think of fiber!: Intestinal laziness, constipation. Far from being anecdotal, these public disturbances affect one woman in two and one men in three. The solutions are simple: drink water, do sports and of course eat more fiber!

Lazy intestine? Think of fiber!
Lazy intestine? Think of fiber!

Even though little is said about it, constipation is a common condition that should not be taken lightly. There are two types of constipation. The first is spasmodic constipation, which can be caused by obstruction of the large intestine. Intestinal contractions exist, but the bolus of food can not progress towards the “exit.” The diagnosis is based on an x-ray of the abdomen.

The second type is “atonic” constipation. This is by far the most frequent. It is linked to a lack of muscle tone. Related to inadequate fiber intake and lack of physical activity.

Hydrating before anything

When the diet is low in fiber and low in moisture, the mass of digested foods gradually loses its water. It becomes more and more compact and hard which makes the transit involved: the intestine “hangs”!

A good hydration of the intestinal contents is, therefore, the first necessity to ensure a regular transit. This helps to soften the stool and thus facilitate the work of the colon that can advance food “painlessly.” It is, therefore, imperative to drink 1.5 liters of liquid per day (flat and carbonated water, coffee, tea …) and to consume foods such as fruits and vegetables that naturally contain much water.

The importance of fiber

The role of fibers in intestinal transit is twofold. It is a function of their solubility:

Insoluble fibers have the particularity of absorbing water like a sponge and thus forming a large mass that descends more easily along the intestine. The activity of these fibers is thus entirely dependent on the hydration of the feed.
Soluble fiber increases the bacterial activity of the colon. Their degradation by the bacteria produces substances capable of stimulating the contractions of the intestine, thus allowing the evacuation of the stool.

Do not stay without moving!

Lack of physical activity is also one of the causes of intestinal laziness. Moreover, all immobility aggravates constipation. The fact of being bedridden, of being seated all day contributes to accentuate a slowing down of the transit.

It is, therefore, necessary to do every day a little walk and to have regular physical activity every week.

A varied diet

All plant products naturally contain dietary fiber, in greater or lesser amount. As a result, it is unnecessary to use products whose fiber intake has been artificially increased immediately.

Moreover, it is preferable to avoid any abrupt increase of its fiber intake. On the contrary, they must be introduced very gradually into everyday food. Excessive consumption of insoluble fiber, such as wheat bran, causes very unpleasant problems (bloating, flatulence). Do not forget to consume it, but watch out for excesses!

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