LAXATIVE FOODS: What is a laxative food? How to consume it? OptiFibre answers your questions.

What is a laxative food?
What is a laxative food?concept

Constipation is one of the most common small transit concerns. Depending on sex, age, health … you may be more or less prone to constipation. One woman out of 4 declares suffering regularly.

What to eat in case of constipation?

Examples of foods with an effective natural laxative effect include:

  • Baked legumes (12 to 17 grams of fiber per 250 ml serving)
  • Bilberries, raspberries (5 grams of fiber per serving of 100grams)
  • Boiled Artichoke (10-11 grams of fiber on average for an artichoke of 100g)
  • Prunes (18 grams of fiber per 100g of pitted prunes)

Complete cereals and legumes are also recommended. Flax seeds can also have an effective laxative effect, as well as oat bran. Test these different foods and note what seems to do the most effect on your intestinal transit.

Alternatively, you can also find herbal teas that use the laxative effects of individual plants, but it is better to seek advice from a health professional (your doctor or pharmacist) before opting for herbal teas or laxative teas.

Some people find that coffee has a laxative effect. Each person reacts differently. Excessive consumption of chocolate or sweeteners can also have laxative effects: this is indicated on the packaging.

Consumption of laxative foods: progressive and reasoned

The use of laxatives food must be a rational way: take a prune juice in the morning, for example, and wait for the day to see whether or not this trick has worked for you.

On a daily basis, it is recommended above all a good hydration, and the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables, as well as whole cereals (complete rice, quinoa, bulgur …) for a soft and progressive laxative effect.

Physical activity can also contribute to the proper functioning of the intestines; Try to walk more during the day, for example.

OptiFibre can help the disturbed intestinal functions of people

If the transit difficulties persist despite a well-balanced consumption of laxative foods (green fruits and vegetables, water, coffee, prunes …), there are natural dietary solutions.

OptiFibre can help the disturbed intestinal functions of people. Made from 100% soluble fiber, OptiFibre is a dietetic food for special medical purposes. A health professional can advise you: ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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