The best enema for severe constipation: Laxatives is a standard treatment of constipation states. Treatment with a laxative is only necessary if the above measures and the rules of hygiene of life do not work well. It is always useful to continue using these methods even if you end up needing to use laxatives.

The best enema for severe constipation
The best enema for severe constipation

For constipation of short duration and without complication, one can even choose to be treated (without going to the doctor), buying laxatives in the pharmacy or the supermarket. In short-term constipation, laxatives can be stopped as soon as the stools become soft and easily transmitted again.

The different Laxatives available and their characteristics are detailed in the separate article named “Laxatives and Constipation.”

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The best enema for severe constipation: Perform an enema against constipation

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that one is very constipated. Our grandmothers performed a terribly useful pear enema. The effects are immediate, and you will not have any more hassles to make you.

Pears enema against the constipation is sold in pharmacies. A solution that could prevent you from intestinal occlusion.You can talk with your doctor, but the enema pear is a straightforward and inexpensive remedy against constipation.

Do an enema against constipation? This may be useful, but only in specific cases and always under medical supervision.

The best enema for severe constipation
The best enema for severe constipation

Special cases: an evacuating enema.

Sometimes an enema is necessary in the case of severe constipation. An enema is a liquid that is inserted into the rectum and lower the colon, through the anus. Enemas can be used to empty the large intestine (rectum) in the case of severe constipation.
If constipation is secondary to another disease (e.g., hypothyroidism) the treatment of constipation is usually sufficient to resolve the problem.
Other treatments may be advised by a specialist for severe constipation sufferers who have not been helped by the treatments mentioned above.

Let’s start with a definition

An enema consists in injecting the anus a fluid in the rectum or the end of the colon. The liquid then emerges from the place where it enters, taking with it any material that was in the target area. This can be increased with the addition of laxatives in the injected liquid. They can have three kinds of effect:

  • Stimulate the movements of the intestine to cause the expulsion of matter;
  • Attracting water into materials, making them softer and easier to evacuate;
  • Help evacuate the gasses contained in the pipe.

The enema is performed through a small tube (cannula) connected to a tank containing the liquid to be injected.

Enemas against constipation

The best enema for severe constipation
The best enema for severe constipation

The enemas are recommended when a mass of feces blocking the rectum. They allow to remove the obstacle, and the evacuation of stool may then start normally. In all cases, the enema will be prescribed by a doctor and administered by a nurse.
Explanation of the enema against constipation

An enema against constipation involves injecting a liquid into the rectum or at the end of the colon. Then the liquid goes the opposite way and carries with it materials that participated in your constipation. To improve this enema, it is possible to add laxative in the injected product. This enema can have various effects such as:

  • Stimulation of the intestine that can expel easier subjects.
  • Making the materials easier to evacuate by making them softer thanks to the attraction of water in the latter.
  • Aid in the evacuation of gasses contained in the intestine.

An enema to do alone or under medical supervision?

The enema pears can be used alone. However, it is recommended to have medical assistance during this practice. The introduction of the cannula can have grave consequences and lead to lesions in your rectum. Irritations may also occur on the rectal mucosa.

Can one make enemas yourself?

The medical control is necessary in the case of enemas because they are not without risks. They can indeed cause injury during the introduction of the cannula, as well as irritation of the mucosa rectal due to the instrument used or to the injected liquid. Make enemas oneself is not recommended, despite what some alternative therapists can declare! Moreover, it is certainly not a solution to constipation.

How To Get Rid Of Constipation

Enema classic can quickly empty the bowel and get rid of the pain abdominal.Faites a cold or warm water enema dissolved in a little salt for adults and children over 12 years using showers cup (large Rubber or glass container with a rubber tube and tip), which is filled with 0.5 to 1 liter of water. It is best to do an enema when the patient is lying on his side, legs folded to his Stomach. The rectum is introduced 5-8 cm greased with petroleum jelly or tip, raising an Esmarch cup over the patient’s body and the water pressure is part of the intestine. Once the empty container should Grasp and pull the patient’s tip butt, preventing the water immediately discarded.After 10-15 minutes, the colon should be entirely left.For treatment children used small rubber bag, volume of water for children Of 2-3 months – 10-15 ml for one year baby – 50-100 ml, then add about 20-30 ml per year of life.

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