Chronic constipation in the baby or the child – cause, and remedy


Chronic constipation in the baby or the child – cause, and remedy: Baby can suffer from minor health problems in its first weeks. The digestive system is most affected most of the time. Diarrhea and constipation are among the most common concerns of parents. Here, we will focus more on the problem of constipation. What is it? Why is the infant constipated? How to get rid of constipation?

Chronic constipation in the baby or the child - cause, and remedy
Chronic constipation in the baby or the child – cause, and remedy

What is chronic constipation?

Constipation has a different definition depending on the type of person involved. Even when it is a child, it manifests itself differently according to the age of the child. Know from the start that we were all constipated at least once during our childhood.

In the newborn, it is constipation when it does not defecate two times or more per day. The infant, meanwhile, must at least go to the saddle on average three times a day. If he does less, that means he is constipated. A larger child is constipated when he evacuates his feces less than twice a week. Constipation is chronic when it occurs often.


What causes chronic constipation in a baby?

Can lactose intolerance cause constipation
Can lactose intolerance cause constipation

In child- driven and infants, chronic illness is most often functional. Rest assured, so this is not the symptom of a possible illness. For the most part, it is linked to diet, intolerance to super-concentrated infant milk, fresh eating of cereals, foods too diversified for its age …

Intestinal pain or inflammation of the anus can also cause constipation. Stress is also considered to be one of the most common causes of constipation.

What is a cure for chronic constipation in babies?

In a baby, the first and most effective remedy of all is the change of diet. Consult a pediatrician to advise you on the best food for your piece of cabbage. It can, for example, refer you to an infant formula with a laxative effect.

The water of Hepar is the ally of the mothers in case of chronic constipation. It is indeed enough to pour a little in his bottle.

Constipation of children and infants, cure and homeopathy

Constipation of children and infants is a matter of concern for many parents. This problem is a real headache especially when he often returns to his child. Fortunately, natural remedies are there to help us get through it more easily and without breaking into a pharmacy. Discover them in this article.

Homeopathy to solve the problem of constipation of children and infants

Homeopathy is an effective solution to fight constipation of children and infants. It is based on a simple principle: using a potentially hazardous substance (high dose) at small doses. It is to cure evil by evil.

For painful constipation, it is necessary, for example, to take Ignatia. Against rectal pain, opt for Hydrastis. Graphites, nux vomica, Anacardium, alumina, and Lycopodium can also treat constipation, depending on the diet, symptoms, and characteristics of the child or infant.

The Best Cure for Constipation of Infants and Children

Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids

Constipation of infants and children is an easily preventable disease. Indeed, with a good diet, this problem should not even exist. To improve the intestinal transit, it is necessary to favor the foods rich in fibers on its plate.

Among the most fiber-rich foods are red beans, lentils, some cereals, apples, whole wheat dough, brown rice, whole grain bread, tomatoes … We can also make Exercise, eat slowly and fix the time to go to the bowel to avoid constipation.

Phytotherapy: plants with laxative virtue

Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids

Herbal medicine means taking care of plants (root, leaf …). Against constipation, flax seeds or an infusion of mauve flowers can be given at its small end. For the infant as well as for the child, you can also put psyllium seeds in water to drink before sleeping.

Early in the morning and on an empty stomach, eating figs or cooked prunes also helps in the evacuation of feces. If in doubt, consult a specialist.

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