CHRONIC CONSTIPATION: SYMPTOMS, SOLUTIONS, AND TREATMENTS: Constipation 2 days, two weeks, two months: understanding and fighting chronic constipation.


Constipation affects 1 in 4 women in France, of which two women out of 3 regularly. If you suffer from chronic or persistent constipation, opting for a natural solution that respects the intestinal flora may be an attractive option.

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Regular constipation and its effects

People with persistent constipation are likely to resort to more and more powerful traditional laxatives. However, some traditional intestinal laxatives or lubricants may have the effect of draining the intestines so well that the intestinal flora (bacteria naturally present in the intestine and indispensable for its proper functioning) is unbalanced.

This upset ecosystem then loses efficiency: constipation returns. It is a vicious circle that can recur for several months or even years.

Transient or occasional constipation

The constipation mark a slowdown in transit: your evacuation frequency decreases. There is no real standard: if you go to the saddle every day, an evacuation rate going suddenly to 2 or 3 days will be a sign of temporary constipation.

Women have a slower transit, and for some, a change to the toilet every 3 days will be perfectly normal. It is first of all the change in the usual rhythm which is a symptom of transient constipation.

Fight against constipation over the long term

To treat constipation, you can use conventional laxatives, but it may be more beneficial in the long run to follow a natural “anti-constipation” program.

If your constipation seizures last several weeks, a natural “anti-constipation” program, based on a vegetable fiber intake, is an interesting solution.

With OptiFibre, for example, you add natural fibers to your diet: without affecting your taste, your fiber intake increases, and this extra intake stimulates the natural stool’s natural excretion.

Pains or blood in the stools should systematically cause you to consult a doctor.

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