Constipation of the child: what food?

Is your child constipated? Respect a healthy lifestyle and change some habits in your diet and you will see things get back to their place.

Constipation of the child: what food?
Constipation of the child: what food?

A good hygiene first of all

The right diet of a constipated child goes through balanced meals. Either four per day at regular times and without nibbling. Teach your child to eat slowly by taking the time to chew well, which facilitates digestion. To this must be added daily and sustained physical activity to stimulate transit.

Promote dietary fiber

Constipation often comes from a diet too low in fiber. The stools no longer progress in the intestine. Fiber consumption, such as dried fruit (prunes, apricots), legumes (white or red beans, chickpeas, lentils), fresh vegetables and fruits (leeks, spinach, lettuce, courgettes, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries) Cereals, is therefore essential. It will allow the stool consistency to increase, thanks to their capacity for water absorption, and to stimulate the contractions of the intestine. If fibers are essential to the proper functioning of the transit, they have no clear nutritional value. Think of whole cereals in moderation as they can cause flatulence, bloating,

Hydrating is essential

Make it a habit of giving your child to drink before he/she is thirsty and in sufficient quantity: more than one liter per day. The best drink remains water, rather fresh and preferably rich in magnesium, such as Hepar. A good glass of fresh water in the morning on awakening is an effective way to move the contents of the digestive tract. Think also of green vegetable soups, radish fannies, a little potato and a touch of fresh cream to soften the whole. In summer, play refreshment with tomato or zucchini gazpacho. As for orange juice, if taken in the morning on an empty stomach and without added sugar, it starts the transit. Moreover, if your child likes them, give them some prune or grape juice. However, do not overdo it:

Foods to Avoid

On the side of slow sugars: starch of rice and white bread, pasta, semolina, potatoes slow down the transit. Do not remove them, but replace them in part or decorate them with vegetables. Rapid sugars, sweets, biscuits, chocolate or sugary drinks leave little residue and also slow the intestinal transit. Avoid regular stool recovery. Similarly, carrots, quince, bananas, blueberries, and black currants are considered to be constipating. Dairy products, and more particularly those with Bifidus, are known to accelerate transit. For pure milk, doctors advise not to give more than 500 ml or equivalent per day.