Constipation relief during pregnancy: Many women suffer from constipation during their pregnancy. Benign and transient, it can nevertheless prove very inconvenient. How to prevent and treatments it? Discover some simple tricks.

Constipation relief during pregnancy: 7 Tips to Feel Better
Constipation relief during pregnancy: 7 Tips to Feel Better

Modify your diet

To avoid constipation, it is important to consume enough fiber, especially during pregnancy, as hormonal upheavals and changes in the location of organs have the effect of disrupting transit.

Be sure to eat enough vegetables and fruits (cooked or raw), rich in soft fiber. The best sources of fiber are spinach, green beans, oranges, apples, prunes … Think also of whole grains such as whole rice, pulses like lentils … Take the reflex to replace the white bread with food Complete, white pasta with whole or semi-complete pasta … Not only will you fill up with fiber, but you will also enjoy the vitamins and minerals of all these foods.

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Constipation relief during pregnancy: Moisturize enough

To avoid constipation, it is also essential to hydrate well. Be sure to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, especially between meals. You can alternate drinks: flat water (with priority) or sparkling, herbal teas, fruit juices, milk, vegetable broth … Also, make a habit of drinking a large glass of water at room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach.

Water has the effect of awakening the transit! Also think of prune juice, which has a proven laxative effect. Some mineral waters rich in magnesium are finally indicated to fight intestinal laziness.

Constipation relief during pregnancy 7 Tips to Feel Better
Constipation relief during pregnancy 7 Tips to Feel Better

Move more!

During pregnancy, there is a tendency to reduce activities, to do fewer sports, to walk less … This can also have effects on transit. To avoid constipation, keep moving every day. The ideal is to practice a moderate and regular sporting activity, for example, yoga, soft gymnastics, or even swimming … In the absence of sport, simply have the reflex of walking. Walk at least 30 minutes each day, at your pace (it is no use trying to go fast!), And everything should get back into order quickly.

Be listening to your body

Some simple little reflexes can also help you relieve your constipation. As soon as you feel the urge, go to the bathroom. Under no circumstances do you hold the saddle telling you that you will go later?In the same way, be patient when you go to the seat. Nothing serves to urge you. Take the opportunity to pause, browse a magazine …

Natural remedies for constipation

Pregnant women often suffer from constipation. There are other remedies that diet to treat.

  • Psyllium has been used for a very long time as a laxative. It is advisable to take 10 g in the form of powder in 100 ml of warm water. Drink 200 ml of water to avoid any risk of intestinal obstruction. To be renewed 1 to 3 times a day.
  • Flaxseed, rich in pectin, should be taken 2 to 3 times a day, at a rate of 10 g. Do not forget to drink 200 ml of water afterward.
  • Probiotics are known to accelerate intestinal transit.


They are considered if the dietary and lifestyle solutions have not improved constipation during pregnancy.

1 – “Classic” medicines:

The doctor may prescribe paraffin oil to the pregnant woman, at the rate of 1 or 2 tablespoons in the evening.

Mucilages may also be prescribed to improve stool hydration. Lactulose or lactitol may also be recommended.

Moreover, in the case of severe constipation during pregnancy, the doctor can give a micro-enema by Microlax, for example; Or glycerin-based suppositories.
Our advice: do not take these medicines in self-medication. Follow the instructions of the doctor or midwife carefully.

2 – Homeopathy:

The best is undoubted to address you to a homeopathic physician, in agreement with the midwife or the gynecologist who follows you.

The homeopathic medicines often used in case of constipation during pregnancy are Hydrastis; Sepia Officinalis; Collinsonia in 5 CH.

Homeopathic medicines, usually in the form of granules, have the advantage of not being toxic.

It should also be noted that some acupuncture sessions may also be indicated. It is best to consult a doctor who is familiar with the indications of acupuncture during pregnancy, or a midwife who practices this Chinese discipline.

If not, check it out!

You have tried all the advice given above, and nothing does, you are still constipated, and it bothers you on a daily basis? Alternatively, do you feel abdominal pain? In this case, do not hesitate to speak to your doctor or your gynecologist, who may prescribe a suitable treatment: mild laxative, mucilages or suppositories glycerine. In all cases, never take medication on your own during pregnancy: always seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.

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