Constipation during Pregnancy in Pregnant Women: There are three times as many women affected by constipation as men. Also, the risk of being constipated is even higher during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an unforgettable moment in a female’s life. There are many incredible changes taking place during this period, but there are also small health problems.

Constipation during Pregnancy in Pregnant Women
Constipation during Pregnancy in Pregnant Women

Constipation during pregnancy, a common problem in pregnant women

Almost a third of pregnant women are affected by constipation frequently during their pregnancy. The primary cause remains the hormonal changes related to the pregnancy itself. This significantly slows down intestinal transit.

As the uterus grows as well, there is a risk of being constipated, as it impedes the functioning of the intestines by blocking them. Lack of exercise also promotes constipation. However, because food stays in the body for a long time, it is more likely to lose the line and become colossal.

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How to fight constipation during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is recommended for the pregnant woman to exercise. Despite the load of your tummy, you still have to walk at least 30 minutes a day, swim, do aerobics or pilates. Drinking plenty of water is indicated to facilitate intestinal transit.

Hepar water is quite refreshing to relieve constipation. However, if your problem is mainly diarrhea, do not take a lot. We will never cease to repeat it: a healthier and balanced diet makes it possibly better to fight against the benign diseases like constipation.

Can I take laxatives?

When one is constipated, one tends to go towards the solution of ease by taking a laxative. This reflex is not wrong in itself, but it is not advisable for a pregnant woman.

In fact, some laxatives are potentially harmful to the health of the mother and her child during pregnancy because they contain stimulants. It is better to turn to natural solutions like phytotherapy and homeopathy.

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