Fast acting constipation relief

Constipation is a pervasive disorder characterized by deficient evacuation of stool. It is, therefore, a problem with the circulation and disposal of waste accumulating in the colon. Although each is different, it is considered that human beings with fluid, intestinal transit use the toilet on average at least once a day. This is called constipation when an individual evacuates them less than three times a week. However, depending on the normal intestinal transit of each, the definition of constipation varies. Indeed, if a person is used to evacuate his stool twice a day and suddenly can only go to bowel movements three times a week, this person will be diagnosed as constipated.

Fast acting constipation relief
Fast acting constipation relief

One of the most frequent consequences of this unfortunate evacuation of intestinal waste is the appearance of bloating in the digestive tract. If a patient has to bloat, it is more than likely that he also has or has had symptoms of constipation. In fact, the constipated bowel provides an ideal environment for the bacteria that grow there to produce gas that in turn causes bloating. Conversely, people with bloating are very often constipated.

Causes of bloating and constipation

The most common causes of constipation and therefore intestinal bloating are related to diet and lifestyle. Not eating enough fiber, not drinking enough, being subjected to many sources of stress, being pregnant, not doing sports, using drugs, being elderly, presenting the irritable bowel syndrome or suffering from cancer of the colon and are some of the risk factors of constipation and bloating.

The different solutions

Given the causal relationship between constipation and bloating, the recommended treatments are logically similar. The most common and most straightforward constipation remedy is to drink abundantly. Hydration makes it possible to soften the stool which promotes their evacuation.

Another constipation cure is to cure one’s diet. It is indeed strongly advised to eat healthily, that is to say, to avoid as much as possible fatty and spicy products as well as drinks such as coffee or tea. On the contrary, it is necessary to favor foods rich in fiber. It is also recommended to eat small amounts a few times a day.

Regular sports practice is also an excellent remedy for constipation.

To treat the intestinal disorders thus begins by taking care of one’s lifestyle. If these types of remedies do not work, then drug solutions should be used. However, we must know that there are many natural products that are very effective and are not harmful, unlike some drugs used in allopathic medicine.

How to relieve constipation quickly

Constipation can cause cramps, pain in the rectum, bloating, nausea and even blood force. When feces accumulate in the colon, and the condition becomes unbearable, you need to relieve rapid constipation. Consider an enema of lemon juice to cleanse the colon and replace the pH balance.


  1. Squeeze the juice of three lemons. Add the two-liter juice of warm distilled water to obtain a cleaning solution to relieve rapid constipation.
  2. Put the lemon juice solution in an enema bag that has the drain tube closed. Grease the tip of the enema tube with vitamin E oil or aloe vera.
  3. Lay on your stomach with your head down and rear up. Insert the lubricated enema tube gently and carefully into the rectum to relieve rapid constipation.
  4. Release the discount closure on the enema bag. Allow the cleaning liquid to flow until the solution is out of the bag.
  5. Pass on the back, then turn on your left. Massage your right side, under the ribs, over your abdomen, then the left side.
  6. Stop the flow of fluid temporarily if you feel pain. Stay on your side, take a deep breath and restart the enema when the pain stops.
  7. Hold the solution in your colon for three to four minutes to relieve rapid constipation. Sit on the toilet and let your bowels empty.

Tips and Warnings

  • Stop the enema process if you experience persistent pain.
  • Do not use water that is hot or cold in the lemon juice solution.