Fast acting laxative at home


fast acting laxative at home

Is an enema the last resort or laxative the fastest in your home?

The most popular fast-acting laxative in the house is an enema. With constipation, it will have a quick and guaranteed healing effect. This is the most preferred option because it does not depress or penetrate the intestines, but removes stool from washing, and does so almost instantly. There are three main types of enema: micro (less than 100 ml), medium (about 0.5 liters) and large (500 ml to 2 liters).

Fast acting laxative at home
Fast acting laxative at home

An enema is a fast-acting laxative, but it can carry not only the usual cleansing but the medical character. For example, hypertonic, oily. The duration of the routine cleansing enema is 15 minutes, during which the water reaches the intestine and manages to soften the stool, which allows eliminating efficiently. It must be taken into account that this action is unpleasant. Also, the procedure itself is painful. This requires the help of another person, who will put the enema in the patient.

Differentiation of laxatives by mode of action

All laxatives are divided into two groups: contact, “lubricant” (softening) and increasing the volume of intestinal contents.

The mechanism of action of the contacts is as follows: they provide a movement of the fecal masses by stimulation of the intestinal mechanoreceptors. The time of work of these funds is 7 to 8 hours after use. They include medicinal herbs.

The second group comprises agents capable of binding to water molecules. Their discharge includes various oils and sinks based on oils.

The use of funds that increase the mass of the intestine contributes to the expulsion of stool content in the literal sense. The representatives of these products are plantain, flaxseed, and kelp.

Positive aspects of the use of traditional medicine

If the constipation is not prolonged and the painful sensations do not deliver, the enemas, doctor’s calls and the use of medication can and should be avoided. In such cases, it is customary to use folk remedies. When you decide to use a fast laxative of traditional medicine, you must carefully study its properties and the principle of action, whether it is allowed to use it for pregnant women and children. But most importantly, a fast-acting laxative at home should not only facilitate bowel emptying but also not harm the microflora. The most common laxative, made from herbs, fruits, and vegetables, does not hurt the intestines,

Oats – a nightmare since childhood or an effective cure for constipation?

Many of us with a shudder reminiscent of oatmeal, which was fed to children once a week in kindergartens in Soviet times. The advantage of grain is achieved, perhaps, by becoming an adult and realizing that not always used is delicious, but the tasty is useful. So, oatmeal, kissel and oatmeal cookies are some of the best ways to fight constipation. Also helpful and just infusion of oats. The vegetative laxative is prepared as follows: 1 cup of oats pour one liter of hot water (not hot), wait a day. They drink.

Olive oil and lemon stimulants from the digestive system

Not only the delicious and healthy products of the usual diet are olive oil and lemon. The laxative oil copes well with the stimulation of the digestive system, facilitating the movement of food along the bowel and the lemon is effective at removing toxins from the body and cleaning the intestinal walls of undigested food.

Castor oil is a fast-acting agent

The most important property of castor oil is a rapid laxative effect on the intestine. Apply should be extremely careful and never at night. The oil has a slightly disgusting taste and smell, but it is instrumental in fighting constipation. It’s a very fast laxative. Beware of its use during the night and overdose.

Soda – Catalyst for intestinal air injection

The taste of soda, neutralizing the acid in the intestines, it helps to fight against constipation, but it excels pains in the abdominal area, which has led to an increase in the formation of gas. To use it, you must: Dissolve in a quarter of a glass of unheated water a teaspoon of powder. To drink a single bottle.

Pumpkin and millet, as well as pumpkin porridge

One of the products that have a laxative effect on the intestines is a pumpkin. If you use it for raw food, the perfect solution will be a pumpkin stew or a pumpkin porridge.

Even more delicious will prove to be a porridge, if you cook it with millet, which also has an excellent laxative effect.

Forget about constipation with peas

Every homemaker has dry peas. Eat peas dry, forget about constipation can almost immediately. Just crush the nucleoli and eat a little less than a teaspoon of powder.

Herbal preparations and infusions

Take 0.2 liters of warm water and fill it with a tablespoon of a purse seine or sea buckthorn peel. 20 minutes, insist on the resulting solution in a water bath, drain the liquid, carefully extract the residue, add hot boiling water to make it 0.2 liters. Break the resulting infusion into two uses. Drink in the morning and the evening. Take these laxative herbs should be exclusively unique. You can not abuse them because they are addictive and contribute to the disruption of normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

A teaspoon of chopped herb (dry or fresh) pour 250 ml of boiling water, insist between 40 and 50 minutes. Drink 80 ml before eating 3 to 4 times a day.

Laxative collection of 1 to 2 tbsp. At tea. Dry the dandelion leaves (you can use a ruler or nettle) to insist on a quarter of a liter of boiling water for 10 minutes. To eat three times a day. Apply this laxative; tea can be regular because it does not cause dependence and it contributes perfectly to chronic constipation.

The horse smell roots are prepared with two glasses of boiling water, insist on 10 minutes for a steam bath. Drink one glass before sleeping at night.
10 grams of plantain seeds brew 125 ml of boiling water. Insist for about 10 minutes. Drink laxative tea before eating.

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