Top 10 most laxative foods that help you poop


Top 10 most laxative foods that help you poop

There are about three categories of people when we talk about digestion (and excrement): those who have no problem, set like music paper, those who go a little too often to the toilet and for whom the word “Loperamide” makes sense, and finally those who are jealous of others. Because yes, for some people, going to drop the kids at the pool is not something natural. But all of a sudden, there are plenty of foods that can help those with a little lazy bowel. We will talk about transit, fiber, hydration and everything; it’ll be cool.

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Top 10 most laxative foods that help you poop
Top 10 most laxative foods that help you poop

1. Bananas

The banana contains a max of fiber, about 2.6 grams per 100 grams of food. So yes it’s cool, but it does not tell us what it’s good for. In fact, the fibers are not digested by the body, so they just make a quick transition into the digestive system and come out quite quickly, and all that allows pushing the pile of coal (another expression that like it a lot.) It’s better to eat a ripe banana for it to be beneficial.

2. The plums

Unlike the banana, it is better to eat its plums before they are too ripe for the effect to be practical. Otherwise, we stay on the same principle; they are full of fibers and after all rolls. Big up cousin prune that is of course part.

3. Green tea

In addition to being a good diuretic (it pee, and it’s relevant to pee) and help lose weight, green tea is an excellent food for constipation. Already it hydrates well, and also, it stimulates the good bacteria in the intestines, so it puts a little order. A small green tea every day would make it look like Ryan Gosling.

4. Water

Water is what makes it possible not to eject hard stuff like concrete; it is what helps to deposit a balance all in softness with well-hydrated stools. And the waters rich in magnesium are to be favored because this mineral relaxes the digestive system and promotes the presence of water in it. In any case, drinking about eight glasses of water a day can only do good.

5. Wholegrain cereals

Here too, it is the power of the fibers that is interesting. Whole grains are stuffed. Also, they increase the feeling of satiety (when you say you’ve eaten enough), so it’s not bad to not eat too much and not have belly lose every day.

6. Legumes

Everything is lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, split peas. It can be a good substitute for starchy foods when you’re constipated since it’s full of fiber. And on top of that legumes contain protein. You can become a powerful being with a reliable transit, two qualities to put forward on a Tinder profile.

7. Green vegetables

Another story of fibers. Green vegetables contain a lot, so it’s better to eat a little every day. It will put color on your plate, you will be happy, you will work well, you will become rich, and you will have five children who will all be called Quentin.

8. Raw carrots

Cooked, carrots are effective against diarrhea. Raw, it’s the opposite. And to stay in the world of what is happening not far from the cu-ass, it is a useful food against pinworms, which are none other than the worms that can colonize us (word rather well adapted since the critters are housed in our colon.)

9. The coffee

Caffeinated or not, coffee is a good laxative, which can be fast enough. It is the acidity of the drink that boosts the digestive system, not caffeine. Apparently, it would also have a role on hormones that contract and relax the intestines to evacuate waste. And it’s okay, it wakes up, and it gives you the feeling of being an accomplished adult.

10. Oils (olive and coconut)

Do not drink liters either, because the goal is not to die of a stroke in a few months, but the oils help a lot of food to make their way to the exit. The best are among others those of coconut and olive because they have many other excellent properties. As for the transit, they moisturize and lubricate a little bit. The ideal would be to take a tablespoon of oil on an empty stomach in the morning, but it is true that it is not too much breakfast that we want to bang on waking.

This top has laxative virtues; it must be read in the toilet.

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