HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews – Helps with Bloating and Constipation

Why make a detox cure?

Nowadays, we are all concerned with an accumulation of toxins. Following a food overload like during the holidays, a bad lifestyle with a lack of sports activity, bad eating habits, an excess of stress or following a disease, the detox cure is welcome.

When you have any of the following symptoms: tiredness, dark eyes, painful sleep, muscle aches, dull hair, water retention or depression, it is time to act.

Your body can be compared to the engine of a car, and when it gets clogged up, the waste accumulates and disrupts its operation. If there is too much accumulation, the solution must be found. The detox cure is one by helping you purify your body.

HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews - Helps with Bloating and Constipation
HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews – Helps with Bloating and Constipation

Principle of the cure Detox

Properly speaking, detox is not a diet but a process that allows the elimination of toxins in the body. A few years ago, this kind of cure required to go through phases of fasting. This is no longer the case today.

The goal of the Detox cure is to eat healthily with a controlled diet. You will thus purify your body, find a flat stomach and have a feeling of general well-being. Each cure corresponds to each personality, but in any case, the primary purpose of the detox is to put the body and mind to rest.

The benefits of detox

The benefits of a detox cure are many.

The detox remedy will allow you to find a harmonious silhouette, a flat stomach, a brighter complexion and will improve your mood. People who follow this treatment feel de-stressed, sleep better and wake up in great shape. A sensation of purity invades them that we call vital energy. The intestinal ecosystem will be rebalanced, and your body will be cleansed of all forms of impurities.

Which cure to choose?

There are dozens of treatments different in duration (from one day to a week) and by their composition (treatment than with a single food, only fruits, soups or vegetables …). You will need to choose yours according to your needs and what you are looking for in this method.

Detoxification with the lemon method is an old technique. It is very simple to set up. Just squeeze half a lemon juice into a glass of warm water and drink it every morning.

Lemon contains many vitamins. It will, therefore, cleanse your body and help balance the PH of your stomach.

The most famous of the detox cures is undoubtedly the natural detoxification to the grapes. It has been recognized for more than 200 years, and its effectiveness is no longer to be proven. It makes it possible to combat external aggressions but also to fight against the poisoning of the body and in particular a malfunctioning of the intestine.

The detox will act against constipation but will also chase your stress and tiredness, will improve the quality of your sleep and the beauty of your skin. The Chasselas grape is advised because it is the least sweet grape.

The liver detox will allow, for its part, a hepatic dressage, the elimination of the toxins and to stimulate the filtration blood. The liver is a filter, and the cure will cleanse it through the judicious choice of detox foods such as black radish, dandelion, artichoke but also thanks to herbal teas and drinks.

In the case of flatulence, constipations, skin problems, headaches, mycoses or food intolerances but also of abdominal distension or hemorrhoids, the colon detoxification cure is ideal. It will release your body of impurities and destock fat.

It is essential to restart your digestive system which is dirty, and you will feel better both psychologically, physically and aesthetically.

HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Recommend

HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews - Helps with Bloating and Constipation
HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews – Helps with Bloating and Constipation

This tea works! I love it! I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and have many issues with constipation. This tea is a natural way to relieve constipation. I started drinking this three days ago and noticed I was peeing more. However, last night it hit me right. Now I am cleaning both. I suffer from severe constipation and hate laxatives. This is the best thing ever and it works.


Senna, honey brush, burdock root, rose hips, alfalfa leaf, milk thistle leaf, ginger root, fennel seed, black walnut leaf, dandelion leaf, nettle leaf, sasparilla, lemongrass, and CAFFEINE FREE


“I love this stuff. Have nothing bad to say. I have a problem using the restroom on a regular basis, so if I need a little extra help, I drink this before bed and in the morning… Well … You know. Moreover, no painful cramping of any kind. LOVE IT!!” By Amazon Customer.

HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews - Helps with Bloating and Constipation
HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews – Helps with Bloating and Constipation

“I enjoy this tea. It has a great taste, and as long as you follow the instructions, it does not get that bitter taste most cleansing teas have. It also doesn’t attack your system to force you to have bowel movements; it allows your body to do it when it is ready, no cramps, no pain. I drink it at night, and by the next morning I am regular and feeling better.

*Note: when it is your first time, If you decide to drink it at night, I recommend not having a very busy day out and about the next day, you’ll find yourself in need of a bathroom pretty often until your body gets used to it.” By Moonflower.

A few tips before starting a detox cure

Before anything else, it is important to consult a doctor before starting your treatment.

Choose the right time. The best is to start when you are on vacation.

Remove or restrict certain foods or substances such as sugars, tobacco, fats, alcohol and prepared products.

The natural is in the honor. Prefer organic food, herbs, fruits and vegetables, and tea.

Drain your body. Lymphatic drainage, hammam or sauna are perfect to help your body eliminate all impurities from the skin. Also, plan a few moments of rest.

Some bad habits are to be avoided during a cure detox. Reduce your consumption of tobacco, coffee, or soda before you start.

HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews - Helps with Bloating and Constipation
HEY GIRL: Detox Tea Reviews – Helps with Bloating and Constipation

When to do a detox cure?

It is recommended to do a detox treatment 3 to 4 times a year and most often with each change of season. The idea is to start it on vacation or the weekend. It can last about three weeks depending on the method used.

If you can only do one a year, do it at the end of the winter. It is at this time that the body accumulates the most waste. Also, the holiday season has an impact on your body. For digestion and transit problems at the end of the year, the detoxification treatment will be welcome.

Very trendy, the detox cure seduces all those who want to feel good in their bodies but also regain an absolute well-being. Healthy eating is only good, and your body will thank you for being in top form! You will be better indoors but also outdoors. All you have to do is go shopping for healthy and fresh products and get started!