Homeopathy: an ally against constipation: Constipation is a common condition that affects nearly 30% of women. Its causes are multiple and, although it is mostly benign, it can be very disabling on a daily basis. Doctor Avogadro-Boyer, a homeopathic physician in Paris, sheds light on the therapeutic response of homeopathy to constipation.

Homeopathy: an ally against constipation
Homeopathy: an ally against constipation

What is constipation?

First, a small reminder: Constipation results in a decrease in the frequency of feces to less than three per week. The emission of stools can be difficult with hard stools that can alternate with false diarrhea, feelings of incomplete exemption or the loss of the need to go to the saddle.

Its causes are multiple:

  • Constipation may be occasional: during a trip, during extended bed rest or pregnancy.
  • It can also be linked to dietary and hygiene problems such as lack of physical activity or a low-fiber diet.
  • Its causes may be psychic, during the depression or in the case of anorexia.
  • Drug and toxic causes
  • Although these causes are less frequent, constipation may hide more serious medical problems such as tumors, non-tumor stenoses, hemorrhoids or endocrine problems.

A consultation in homeopathy for a constipation problem

Digestive problems account for 20% of consultations with a homeopathic physician. First, an organic cause (a tumor, a thyroid problem, etc.) must be eliminated. Then the doctor will dissect the symptoms by asking the patient: is this constipation a consequence of a particular event? How is it felt? What relieves or aggravates his symptoms? Are other symptoms associated with constipation, such as bloating or pain? The homeopathic doctor will not stop only in the stomach but consider the person as a whole by going around his antecedents. The consultation takes about three / 4h-1h

Homeopathic response to constipation

The treatments are multiple and depend on the type of constipation but also on the ground and the patient’s antecedents. The most classically found are:

  • Nux vomica: frequent and urgent need to go to the saddle but ineffective and painful.
  • Impression of not having sufficiently evacuated, constipation often associated with hemorrhoids
  • Platina and Bryonia: in case of dry and hard stools
  • Alumina: stool soft but difficult to expel
  • Lycopodium: constipation associated with gas and abdominal pain
  • Ammonium muriaticum: obstinate constipation with dehydrated stools

However, there are also multiple treatments like Graphites, chelidoinium, thuja, pulsatilla, Sepia, Plumbum, Conium maculatum, cortisone, opium.

Hygiene-dietetic tips

Here are some simple tips to reduce the risk of constipation on a daily basis.

  • Drink about 1 1/2 water per day
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat fruits and vegetables at all meals. Fiber is essential for good transit
  • Go to the bathroom at a fixed time and take your time, or try to go to the toilet when the need arises and especially not to restrain!
  • Whenever possible avoid excessive use of laxatives