How often can laxatives be taken

Laxatives are medications used to relieve constipation in people who have difficulty evacuating their stools naturally due to various diseases or problems. Their use is very useful in solving these problems in the short term and can be taken in the form of tablets, capsules or liquid solutions, usually in the evening before bedtime. However, too frequent use may not be beneficial to your body, which is why will explain to you how often to take laxatives so that you will not have any doubts that come to your mind when you make it.

How often can laxatives be taken
How often can laxatives be taken

Instructions :

1.The most important thing to consider to fight constipation is to try to determine what are its causes, and no one is better placed than a doctor to guide you in taking laxatives if necessary.

It is not advisable to abuse or takes more than prescribed by a specialist since depending on the person and the problem or other, they will have different effects. Thus, we recommend the proper and rational use of these laxatives as long as necessary to solve a problem of intestinal evacuation which can cause more serious complications such as an intestinal occlusion.

2.The most common causes of constipation can be:

  • Do not consume enough water per day, a minimum of one and a half liters.
  • Do not perform physical activity.
  • Due to a diet low in fiber.
  • Do not go to the bathroom when you feel like it and therefore restrain yourself.
  • The pregnancy.
  • People who suffer from hypothyroidism.
  • The use of certain medications, which have constipation as a side effect.
  • Nervous problems.
  • Other more serious problems like suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or colon cancer.

3.Laxatives should be taken at night preferably so that they begin to take effect when your intestines are resting and so go to the toilet the next morning. They should be taken with plenty of water to ensure complete and total evacuation, and always follow the recommended doses and the number of days prescribed. If you miss a dose, the best thing is to wait for the next dose, never take a double dose.

4.For the laxative to begin to take effect, it should be taken on a regular basis for three days , but unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, you should not take more than a week in a row since it is a drug to treat Punctual problems in a short time, it is not a standard medicine to go to the toilet.

If after this period you are still constipated, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor who will evaluate what type of laxatives to use if the prescribed one does not work as expected. In any case, do not decide alone what to do.

5.There are unique situations during which you should tell your doctor before starting treatment with laxatives such as:

  • If you are pregnant or plan to be pregnant.
  • If you are breastfeeding your baby.
  • If you are taking other medications, especially aspirin or vitamins of any type, as well as dietary supplements.
  • You can not take mineral oil while you are taking laxatives.

6.Stop the use of laxatives if you begin to feel bad with cramps and stomach pain resembling symptoms of gastroenteritis, sore throat, rash, difficulty breathing, fever or vomitings. In this case, contact your doctor as soon as possible, but do not continue to take it until the appointment, it is better to stay constipated a few days rather than to suffer from these troublesome symptoms related to this medication.

You can choose to incorporate natural laxatives into your diet that will help you improve your transit.