How to fight against constipation of the baby and the child

Constipation in children as in adults is defined as the passage of fecal matter hard, rare, or as a passing difficulty of fecal matter. Sometimes it may be associated with a feeling of incomplete evacuation or pain.

How to fight against constipation of the baby and the child
How to fight against constipation of the baby and the child

The treatment must be oriented towards the cause if possible, but here are some general steps to treat constipation in children.

You will need:

  • Water and Fibers
  • Laxative (ultimate resort)

Instructions :

1.A sufficient amount of fluids and fibers should be provided to prevent and treat constipation.

2.For infants younger than four months, you can give them prune juice and brown sugar. Another tip: add some orange juice to the bottle or vegetable broths.

3.As for the larger ones, they can also add fiber-rich cereals, fruits, and vegetables to their diets. You can also season raw vegetables and paraffin oil salads.

4.You should encourage children not to delay evacuation when they want to. If you are out, use the restroom of the nearest restaurant. Also, your child or baby should drink throughout the day: prefer mineral waters rich in magnesium, such as Hepar.

5.Set up a routine to go to the saddle. It is recommended to ensure a time of about 10 minutes per day at the toilet, always at the same time, preferably after a meal, to practice the gastro-colic reflex.

6.It is desirable that the child firmly presses the feet on the ground to provide more intra-abdominal pressure. If necessary, you must use a footrest.

7.In general, constipation is relieved by the measures described above. Use a laxative only if these measures fail.

8.The oral route is ideal, and ballast laxatives are preferable.

9.For infants, you can use malt extract in soup.

10.For children over six months of age, you can use lactulose. The dose is 1 to 2 mL/kg/day in two or three doses.

11.In older children who have free diet, psyllium can be used one to four times a day, at a dose of 2.5 g for children under 12 and 5 g for children over 12 years.

12.Caution: Stimulating laxatives ( magnesium salts, bisacodyl, phenolphthalein) should be avoided.


Consider seeing a pediatrician if constipation persists.