How to use oat bran for constipation

Do you suffer from constipation? If this is the case, oat bran is an excellent ingredient that you can incorporate into your diet to stop constipation and reduce discomfort and swelling. Indeed, this product is very rich in soluble fiber, which improves our intestinal transit and reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood.

How to use oat bran for constipation
How to use oat bran for constipation

In this article of everything, we explain how to use oat bran for constipation and improve your intestinal health.

Instructions :

1.When we speak of oat bran, we refer to the outer layer of cereal grains and, consequently, to an ingredient very rich in nutrients such as fibers, minerals, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and fats.

As we have said, it is rich in soluble fiber, a nutrient that transforms the water we swallow into a gel that absorbs toxins and excess bad cholesterol.

Also, it helps to make digestion faster and thus helps mitigate the effects of constipation.

2. As you can see, you can take oat bran for constipation and thus succeed in eliminating swelling and improving your intestinal transit. In general, the recommended dose is three tablespoons a day, to be taken before each meal. However, you should know that there are risks when consuming this product, so it is important to seek advice from a specialist.

Some precautions should be taken before consuming oat bran, including:

  • Never take too much, as it can cause intestinal problems such as diarrhea, flatulence, swollen belly, and so on.
  • People with colitis should not take this product.
  • The excess fiber in the body can cause poor absorption of certain nutrients. It is, therefore, important to follow the indications of your specialist doctor.

3.Regularly eating oat bran is beneficial to your health, as long as you do not consume too much and you do not have colitis. Therefore, the most special benefits of using this ingredient are:

  • As we said, better control of cholesterol by replacing the bad by the good.
    Improved intestinal transit by relieving constipation.
  • A control of the blood sugar level, which promotes the elimination of saturated fats and therefore weight loss.
  • Helps prevent digestive diseases such as diverticulitis.
  • Also, helps reduce blood pressure.

4. Besides the oat bran, you should know that there are other foods that help relieve constipation because they are very high in fiber. Among the best foods to treat this condition are fruits such as kiwifruit, bananas, oranges, and plums. Among the most recommended vegetables, green vegetables such as spinach, chard, asparagus or artichokes.

Legumes are also perfect foods to improve digestion, as are all foods made from wholemeal flours. In this article of everything, we will unveil foods for constipation.