I am constipated; it is family!
You are constipated, it may be familial, but constipation is healing, so you can do something about it. A few simple rules help to unlock a situation that you believed until now irrevocable.

It is wrong

I am constipated; it is family!
I am constipated; it is family!

Constipation: some rules to respect

By applying these rules, you will give your body new habits that should relieve you of your constipation. Before starting a small question: do you feel the need to go to the saddle? If the answer is no, it is important to go and consult a specialist who will help you. If you feel needs, as is the case with most constipated people, here are some helpful tips. First of all, know that your brain and intestine are strongly linked, not surprising, as some events block you (holidays, for example, that disrupt your habits for a while).

Transit disorders: Listen to your body

In order not to be constipated, you must introduce yourself (this is the term in use …) to toilets at fixed times. Your organization will get used to regular schedules. It is also important that you take your time, all the time it takes (a quarter of an hour if necessary), your organization needs it. Doing or trying to do one’s needs quickly is not good: it is the best way to be constipated and to remain so. This time spent in the bathroom is essential, it is part of everyday life and should not be sloppy. For example, you can read, listen to the radio, call or do whatever you want. It is not a dirty time, on the contrary, take pleasure, and you will feel better.

Many pass the time of the toilet after all the rest; it is a bad habit that must be changed: go to the bathroom when you feel the need, and do not miss this moment. The sensation of need is a signal from your body, which must be taken into account, much like the feeling of hunger that tells you that your body needs to be fed and that you have to eat.

Constipation and diet

It is necessary to eat green vegetables, rich in fiber, and fresh fruits, which promote intestinal transit (the path of food throughout the intestine to the anus). You can also eat bread or biscuits to the sound. This cereal contains fiber, excellent way to combat constipation. Do not consume much at first, because the sound can cause annoying bloating.

In the morning when you get up, take a large glass of cold water: it triggers a reflex of contraction in the intestine thus encouraging the sensation of need.

Do not forget gymnastics and physical exercise, excellent ways to combat constipation, do it regularly.

Finally, ask your doctor. There are now medications that treat you in a few days. However, beware, some medicines, especially herbal, freely sold in pharmacies irritate your intestine and increase your constipation. Only a specialist will advise you to adapt the exact product to your particular situation.

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