Natural laxatives -mineral oil for constipation

Mineral oil is taken orally as a lubricant laxative and is often prescribed to relieve stool pain for those who suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation. Mineral oil for constipation is made in liquid form through the mouth and on an empty stomach. It is not only a popular remedy but also a tried and tested treatment. Mineral oil is considered a substantially nontoxic remedy. An overdose of oil can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting.

Natural laxatives -mineral oil for constipation
Natural laxatives -mineral oil for constipation

Mineral oil is mainly used for the treatment of constipation. Constipation is a fairly common condition that is thought to affect about 15% of all people. Constipation is usually defined as having infrequent bowel movements that are difficult and painful. Constipation is uncomfortable. Not only that, it can cause serious health problems, too. Constipation is often created because of a lack of fiber in your diet. Constipation usually occurs due to weak bowel movements, producing extreme discomfort when passing stools.

Natural oils such as sweet almond, jojoba, olive oil and make wonderful alternatives to mineral oil and have no adverse side effects. Natural moisturizers are usually made from plant-based oils or vegetables. Mineral oils are technically natural. But since they are derived from crude oil (used to make gasoline or gasoline), they are probably not what you are looking for. A natural remedy for constipation is an excellent choice for treatment, and in past mothers, many dosed their families with cod liver oil daily to avoid constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders. There are a lot of natural foods, oils, and vitamins that can provide relief from constipation. Some are herbal, such as senna and aloe (although the latter has been actively discouraged for use as a laxative). And others are oil-based, like laxative mineral oil or castor oil.

How to take mineral oil for constipation

Although there are different laxatives available that relieve constipation, mineral oil is cheap and easy to find. It acts by forming a lubricating layer around the saddle so that it slides more easily through the colon. It also layers the stool, which prevents water from escaping into the body, creating a softer texture stool. Softer stools pass out of the body more efficiently.


  1. Contact your doctor’s office and ask for correct dosage information. Doctors calculate the dose according to your age, weight and general health.
  2. Take mineral oil at bedtime, the best time of day to take most laxatives. In most cases, a bowel movement will take place in 6 to 8 hours.
  3. Pour the oil into a medication dose cup or a measuring spoon for an accurate measurement. Do not use an ordinary kitchen spoon.
  4. Swallow the mineral oil alone or mix it in juice or tea. Follow the dose with a full 8 oz glass of water.
  5. drink 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day for as long as you use mineral oil for constipation.

Mineral oil for constipation in children

When a child is constipated, parents want to solve the problem quickly. One solution is to treat constipation at home by using mineral oil. Constipation happens when a child has had less than three stools a week or is hard or having dry stools that are difficult to pass. Most children suffer from constipation at some point, which is entirely reasonable.


According to Medline Plus, mineral oil is a liquid produced from petroleum. The oil has many uses of an antacid to use in hemorrhoid medications.


Mineral oil passes constipation used as early as the 1900s as a home remedy. Stools are allowing to move quickly through the intestines. Vincent Iannelli, MD, writing to keep children healthy, finds that children who have been previously constipated and have experienced the discomfort of passing hard stools will often avoid using the bathroom for fear of pain. Mineral oil allows hard stool to be efficiently transmitted without trouble.


MD Web suggests giving children two teaspoons of mineral oil twice a day until stools are quickly passed on. Mineral oil can be disguised in fruit smoothies or ice cream. It can take two to three days before the mineral oil causes changes with the child’s constipation.


The diet is usually the main reason for constipation in children. With the help of mineral oil to treat constipation, changes in the food, increasing amounts of water and encouraging the constipated child to stay active will help relieve constipation. The use of mineral oil will not be enough to solve the problems of constipation. If a child seems to be in significant discomfort, contact a pediatrician to discuss the condition.


It is possible in case of an overdose of mineral oil if the recommended dose is exceeded. Seek immediate medical help if there is a concern that the child has taken too much mineral oil. Mineral oil is non-toxic, and damage or severe injury is not likely.

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