Miralax dosage for kids


miralax dosage for kids

Miralax is a laxative, a medicine used to treat constipation or stools that are rare and difficult to pass. It is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Schering-Plow and is known by the generic name of polyethylene glycol 3350. Miralax is available over the counter and has become a widely used drug for the treatment of constipation in kids.

Miralax dosage for kids
Miralax dosage for kids

When is a child constipated?

According to the American College of Gastroenterology, the number of regular stools varies significantly in children, from three times a week up to 3 times a day. Constipation is a frequent and often frustrating problem for children. When a child goes out for four days or more without a bowel movement or has hard or painful stools, an intervention may be necessary.

In most cases, constipation is not linked to other diseases. The first stages of treatment for children with constipation include changes in behavior, such as sitting on the pot for five to ten minutes after each meal and getting positive reinforcement with rewards, as well as dietary changes, such as drinking more water or high fiber foods like bran, fresh fruits,whole wheat, and vegetables.

When should a child use Miralax?

If constipation does not get greater with changes in routine or food, the child should see his doctor before starting a medicine like Miralax to soften the stool. Although the drug is available over the counter, parents should not use a laxative in young children without talking with the child’s doctor.

How does the Miralax work?

Miralax is a white powder that dissolves in a cup of water or juice. The dose for children is usually 0.7 to 1.5 g / kg/day dissolved in 4 to 8 ounces of water, up to a maximum dose of 17 g c. Soup, per day. Two to four days of treatment may be needed before Miralax works.

Miralax does not get absorbed by the body. Instead, he travels through the digestive tract and draws water in the colon to soften the stool. The ACG website states that this drug “is tasteless, safe and not addictive.”

Miralax dose in children

MiraLAX, also known as generic polyethylene glycol, is an osmotic laxative that draws water into your child’s stool to produce softer, more frequent stools.


Before giving MiraLAX powder, mix in 8 ounces of a clear drink such as water or juice to create a solution.


MiraLAX doses are calculated individually according to the weight of your child. The doctor uses a table to prescribe the right amount of medication. Doses range from 2 ounces twice a day for a child who weighs 10 kg (22 pounds) to 8 ounces once a day for a child who weighs more than 50 kilograms (110 pounds).

Time limit

It can take two to four days before your child has a bowel movement of his MiraLAX, it does not give extra doses to speed up the process.


As long as your child has one to two soft stools a day, continue the same dose of Miralax.


It is best to give your child his MiraLAX first thing in the morning, either before, during or after breakfast he has time to work during the day when she is up and around. If she needs two doses a day, give one thing in the morning and the second in the evening.

Does Miralax cause addiction in children?

Mothers should be patient with a child who has constipation. Setting up a regular bowel movement can take weeks or even months to complete. Learning about cleanliness is a complicated and progressive process that depends on each child. It is a mix of physical, psychological, emotional and environmental factors.

Although taking Miralax is not addictive as a drug, it can become a part of the child’s routine that progressive weaning will have to take place. Children should drink more water and increase fiber in their diet while reducing the amount of medication. Consult a doctor will be helpful in determining the right dosage for Miralax.

Precautions for use Miralax in children

Children also need to be seen by a doctor so that they can be evaluated for bowel obstruction symptoms. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and bloating. Kids who have suddenly changed their bowel habits or nephropathy should also definitely be examined by a doctor before starting Miralax.

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