Natural laxatives for kids


Natural laxatives for kids: Constipation in infants is characterized by delayed or difficult defecation that is present for two or more weeks. Even if illness in young children is a common health problem and is confronted with almost all of them, it must be treated promptly, and their diet must be properly planned under the guidance of a dietitian qualified. The most general trigger of constipation in young children is a change in their diet. You will find many home remedies for constipation in infants, which could offer relief to your baby. This article discusses some aspects of constipation in young children, such as its causes and remedies.

Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids

Illness of the infant, such as constipation in adults, is a typical trigger for abdominal pain in this age group. Children can have an extremely wide range of how they often have bowel movements. Infant constipation is one of the typical questions that new parents are facing with their little ones. Many new parents get infantile constipation error with another issue.

Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids

Constipation is a condition in which the stool becomes harder, firmer and more it becomes difficult to make a bowel movement. Just like adults, infant constipation is often due to either lack of fiber or water. If you are looking for a cure for infant constipation, you need to understand that you will find many things you can do to help your baby get out of the medicine right away. If you are looking for a home remedy for infant constipation, prune juice could be an excellent choice. Nutritional alterations are undoubtedly crucial in the discovery of a constipation remedy for your baby. However, it may take some time for that changes to work.

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Newborn constipation remedy

To maintain the delicate balance of the baby’s digestive system, natural resources should be used as soon as a change in the baby’s stool is noticed. The three most effective treatments for baby constipation are exercise, fluids, and fibers. The best types of remedies, to begin with, are dietary, and lifestyle changes. Natural remedies for constipation are very simple and extremely effective. They even work with children suffering from constipation. For babies who are on baby food, the next item on our list of infant constipation remedies is baby food rich in fiber. This should be judged only if the juice does not help. Baby foods high in fiber consist of barley cereal or pureed pears or prunes. Attempt to steer clear of rice grains. For a child of fewer than six months, it is advisable to consult a doctor before introducing oral remedies. Use today’s toddler constipation remedies and watch your child have a good night’s sleep.

Natural laxatives for kids

Here is a list of tips and tricks, gentle and natural methods to fight effectively against constipation baby and child.

The massage

For young kids: lying on his back, gently massaging the belly at the navel and folding the legs towards the abdomen gently, one foot while the other remains extended and vice versa. The massage will only last a few minutes, and your hands will go in a clockwise direction.

Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids

Some tips for massage session:

  • Please during the massage that the room is sufficiently heated (ideal 21 ° C, 23 ° if your baby is chilly),
  • Put on relaxing music,
  • Remove rings and bracelets,
  • Warm your hands,
  • Undress your little tip,
  • Pour into your hands a special baby massage oil or a few drops of sweet almond oil mixed with a cream or vegetable oil to avoid any epidermal reaction
    Moreover, it has gone for a session of gentleness that should also relieve Baby’s tight stomach!

Water, milk and other liquids

Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids
  1. Moisturize your child: it must give water baby and still leave scope for a bottle or a cup of water when it can move. Alternate a water rich in magnesium (see below) with bottles or cups of its natural water.
  2. Change the water it consumes: magnesium-rich water is often recommended to promote intestinal transit (contractions intestine). Sometimes too laxative, your doctor may recommend other brands with a lesser effect like Volvic or Mont Roucous. Whatever the water you use, for the little ones, do not give him too much water to drink in a single intake because his belly could be full of water and he would have no appetite for milk. See the doctor for more personalized advice depending on your baby and his age. In short, water rich in magnesium will be consumed in moderation nevertheless because, conversely, it is not good for Baby to go all the time in diarrhea to avoid the problems of constipation. We advise you to water rather make a bottle with her and the other bottles with water dressing.
  3. In the case of sluggish bowels (not recommended for contractive intestines) a glass or bottle of water, water with a little prune juice or orange juice before the bottle in the morning from 6 Months will stimulate the gall bladder. The evacuated bile stimulates intestinal contractions.
  4. Milk transit: for smaller bottle-fed, the switch to transit milk can solve a constipation problem. We advise you to wait until it is a doctor who prescribes it to Baby because he will be able to advise you on the mark best adapted to Baby.
Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids

Solid feed

Some simple tips and an adept diet often make it possible to fight against constipation:

  • Dairy and high-fiber diet (prunes, vegetables, fruits …): a proper diet often helps to get constipation as green vegetables like ds green beans, spinach, etc … soup, mashed or Small pot, ripe fruits like plums, prunes, rhubarb, marmalades or compotes if the baby is already diversified. To be adapted according to the age and mode of feeding of the child of course. If Baby is breastfeeding, it is up to Mom to change her diet by adopting this high-fiber diet.
  • A teaspoon of olive oil coffee the morning before breakfast: it lubricates and softens the stool. If Baby refuses this spoon, you can integrate it in your preparations for Baby like its purée in place of the hazelnut of butter.

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What to reduce

Natural laxatives for kids
Natural laxatives for kids
  1. soft drinks (which should anyway remain outstanding for all children under three years),
  2. Starchy foods (rice, pasta …),
  3. cooked carrots, ls apples, bananas,
  4. and … chocolate!

What you should not do

  • Do not push him to object (thermometer or other) into the rectum to “liberate.” This can cause severe irritations and lesions.
  • Do not put him systematically of Glycerin suppositories; this must remain exceptional and on prescription.
  • Do not make her ingest paraffin by buccal route daily. Paraffin prevents the absorption of vitamins necessary for the healthy development of Baby.

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