Occasional constipation, remedies, medication or enema: Several methods are at your disposal to cure your stomach aches. Constipation can be treated using natural methods or using other techniques. The remedies, laxative, homeopathic method or enemas are solutions to cure the occasional constipations. We will discover through our article some tips regarding these therapies used to relieve your stomach ache.

Occasional constipation, remedies, medication or enema
Occasional constipation, remedies, medication or enema

To treat constipation by making an enema

One of the techniques to ease your stomach pain is to take a laxative. Remedies are containing sodium phosphates act by drawing water into the colon so that this action produces defecation.

These medications are prescribed by physicians in case of occasional constipation or when the patient will have to perform an intervention requiring the emptying of the intestine. These sodium phosphate-rich remedies produce an expulsion of fecal matter within 2 to 5 minutes after drug administration.

This type of treatment is not recommended for people with a heart condition, allergic to sodium phosphate or other components of the drug, patients with an appendix, high blood pressure … Seek the advice of your doctor Before following this type of treatment.

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Some remedies to fight against occasional constipation

The treatments we are going to present are effective for cases of benign constipation. If you notice any symptoms such as fever, blood in the stool or stomach pain that lasts for more than a week, we firmly recommend that you consult a doctor.

Homeopathic remedies are drugs used to relieve constipation of progression that manifests itself in the lack of desire to go to the bowel movement. Evacuation constipation is also cured by homeopathic solutions. Some patients with stomach pain during stool removal can relieve themselves by using phytotherapeutic solutions.

If chronic constipations can be resolved by absorption of flax seeds that promote accelerated transit, increased volume, and stool lubrication, the buckthorn is effective in treating people with occasional constipation. This treatment, which is presented in capsule or sachet, acts on the stomach, increasing and stimulating the intestine. You can discover other healing methods by carefully reading our ebook containing several information about constipation and his healing methods.

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