Treat constipation and lower back pain: Here are 19 effective tips and three mistakes to avoid to treat constipation and lower back pain.

Treat constipation and lower back pain in 19 Tricks
Treat constipation and lower back pain in 19 Tricks

There are many types of digestive disorders. Some are more serious than others. When you have digestive problems with back pain, you have to take the issue very seriously because it hides dietary imbalances (deficiencies or excesses) that prevent the regeneration of the body or frequent dehydration that hurts the kidneys and Has back health.

To treat constipation and lower back pain, it will be necessary to reinforce its digestive system, improve its nutrition, and to strengthen its back (to ensure a good blood circulation in the back even when it goes wrong) and to limit the shocks on the back. Here are many tricks!

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Constipation and lower back pain: 19 TIPS

Supplementing with Collagen
The collagen helps build many tissues including the skin and joints. Sufficient intakes of collagen are needed to treat constipation with a balloon.
You will find collagen in billions made of animal carcasses (chicken or lamb for example) as well as in the skin of the chicken. You can also buy collagen as a supplement.

Trying Chinese nutrition

Traditional Chinese diet is a diet that offers eating based on its weaknesses and strengths (e.g., a person with tired intestines but a fit stomach will have different recommendations from a person for whom it is the opposite.

Chinese diet is very useful in helping to treat constipation with lip Bal Gia. Just take the time to fully understand the theory of Chinese medicine (you can, of course, get help from a professional Chinese dietetic.

Consume a good supplement a multi-mineral multi-vitamins

The land is increasingly demineralised. Fruits are often picked before maturity and then have few vitamins. Foods are frequently processed by refining which removes nutrients. As a result, it is now difficult to receive all the vitamins and minerals in proper proportions.

However, the slightest nutritional deficiency prevents treating constipation and lower back pain while destroying health and promoting disease in the long term. If also we have digestive problems, defects are amplified by poor assimilation, and we enter a vicious circle!

So taking a multi-vitamin multi-mineral supplement is an excellent idea to prevent many worries from happening as well as helping to treat constipation and lower back pain.

Stimulate your digestive system by cooling your genitals

This is called the derivative bath. This method may seem astonishing, but by cooling its genitalia (with a bottle of frozen water for example), it activates a set of muscles (also called Meridian) stimulating digestion and thus helping to treat constipation with a balloon.
This technique significantly improves the speed of digestion, in addition to bringing many other benefits.

To test, you can use a frozen water bottle or a cold pack (more useful when the product is of high quality because of a cooled ice pouch over a longer period).

Increase vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the body. A long-term deficiency prevents treating constipation with a balloon and triggers full of other health problems.

The most absorbable vitamin D is vitamin D3 (vitamin D2 can be difficult to use) which is obtained by the Sun, by eating non-lean fish or by consumption in the form of vitamin D3 supplement.

Avoiding the wrong food combinations

The foods we eat do not all digest in the same way.

  • More or less quickly. When a slowly digestible food is eaten with slowly digestible foods, it can putrefy and harm proper digestion.
  • In a more or less acidic medium.

With several kinds of digestive enzymes, some of which are compatible with each other and which self-destruct.

The more you consume foods that digest differently …, the more difficult it is to digest. Then digestion lasts a long time and foods are “too much” destroyed. Many vitamins and minerals are destroyed instead of assimilated. Poor digestion also results in fatigue, gas and weight gain.

The categories of foods that are compatible or not. The larger your meal is, and the weaker your stomach is, the more important it is to follow the right food combinations.

You can also buy this complete and excellent ebook on food combinations, with many bonus recipes that help to apply the theory easily.

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Well feeding with a paleolithic diet

Going on a paleo diet is not necessarily straightforward, but it is often quite useful in treating constipation and lower back pain. This tip caters to you especially if your digestive system is in poor condition. Alternatively, if you want to do the best.

With paleo nutrition, most foods that are harmful to the digestive system (industrial foods, grilled foods, cereals and vegetable oils) are avoided.
For this, we must limit ourselves to ancient foods that man has consumed for several hundreds of thousands of years and for which our digestive system is the most suitable.

These include fruits, vegetables, eggs, edible seaweed, meat, fish, seafood, oils derived from fruit (e.g., olive oil, coconut oil or avocado) ), Herbs and spices. Adopting a Paleo diet is excellent for strengthening the digestive system and for treating constipation and lower back pain.


Practice acupressure and self-acupuncture

Energy circulates within meridians (to simplify it is a set of muscles, joints, and organs). Soliciting part of a meridian solicits it as a whole. It is thus possible to treat many pathologies (or at least to improve their condition) by stimulating key points.

This practice is ideal for treating constipation with a balloon. In general, acupressure and auto-acupuncture are very effective in treating most of the pathologies associated with poor blood circulation.

To practice acupressure and self-acupuncture. However, it is necessary to start by learning the positions of the acupressure points. You can get help from a professional acupuncturist, at first, to find the right acupuncture points. Then you can practice at home whenever you want. In this case, I recommend an electric acupuncture pen; it is very convenient!

Sitting in a squat from time to time

The squat position is high to improve the flexibility of the knees and ankles. Soft, muscular ankles help limit shock to the feet and consequently treat constipation with a balloon.

The position of squat also has the effect of reinforcing small little-known muscles in the feet, ankles, and knees. This is great to help treat constipation and lower back pain.

So when you watch TV or when you read something, you can squat 5 to 30 minutes once or twice a day.

Making the Bridge

The bridge is an excellent exercise for treating constipation with laryngitis. This exercise strengthens the entire spine.

To maximize the results, you can bridge in the other direction.
These exercises are to be done very gently at the beginning, the time to improve its flexibility and understand the technique (exercise should not hurt).

If at the beginning you are very far from being able to do these exercises with the same amplitude as on the photos, it is normal, and you do not have to force more than what you can do. When the back is weak, we progress very quickly.

These exercises are to be done once or twice a day (for example on waking and before going to bed).

Correcting imbalances through experience

To treat constipation and lower back pain, the key is often to correct one or more dietary imbalances. The solution is different from one person to another. For example, too much acid (too much meat/fish/eggs or industrial products) can trigger the same burns as an excess of alkalis (contrary to acid, which can happen in vegans eating vegetables).

Here are some meal ideas to try that could deal with your possible imbalance (or amplify it).

  • Acidic fruits to empty the intestines that over-feed. If you do much sport and you want to keep your protein, you can consume fruit in the form of juice with powdered milk protein, or with egg whites.
  • Red meat with starchy vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, cassava or yams) and a few healthy lipids (olive oil or farm butter for example) in the case of need for strength.
  • A light meal made of lean protein (fish, chicken, eggs or seafood) and easily digestible vegetables (those that eat raw or uncooked) with a little grass and spices.

These three types of meals make it possible to correct most of the imbalances of the western diet.
Regarding the choice of vegetables, I advise you to choose the ones you prefer. The most important thing is to be happy with what you eat.

Strengthen your back at home

To treat constipation with laryngitis, a very useful trick is to muscle at home his back and spine. For this, there are exercises available to do at home once or twice a day.
Here is a video with muscle exercises down his back and his spine.

Stimulating its meridian of the kidneys

In the body are several meridians through which the energy flows. Each meridian is composed of muscles, joints and one or more organs. By stimulating a part of an extremity, it is possible to solicit the entire extremity and thus reinforce key areas.

To treat constipation and lower back pain, attention should be paid to the meridian of the kidneys which is responsible for bone health and the ability to remain hydrated. By stimulating this meridian one to three times a day, it is then possible to treat constipation with a balloon.

To stimulate it, several possibilities are offered to you.

  • Consult a professional acupuncturist (the most useful, but the most restrictive).
  • Use an acupuncture pen (super practical, but in the beginning, it is necessary to find the points, which is not always simple).
  • Make small circular massages with your finger. This is not as efficient, but very practical, especially to try.

Never eat when you are not hungry

It is not natural to force yourself to eat, and this thus prevents treating constipation and lower back pain. When we are not hungry, we must rest our digestive system. Either we simply do not have room to accommodate, more food.

In this case, overeating makes it impossible to digest fast and safe. So it is essential to eat only when you are hungry. If the idea of not eating when it is time frightens you, you can only reduce the size of your meals so as to get hungry each time for the meal that follows.

Think of the soldiers who do intensive training without eating. They, do not fall into apples and they do not get sick and are not deficient. Fortunately, we would have problems if that were the case.

Correct the imbalances of its myofascial lines

Myofascial lines are chains made up of muscles and joints that contract at the same time. Watch this video that shows the different myofascial lines of the body.

The musculation by myofascial lines complements very well the classical musculation. All myofascial lines are important and have only one underdeveloped promotes health problems (because of the blood circulation problems that result). Having all myofascial lines well muscled helps to treat constipation and lower back pain.

Self-massage the belly

Massaging the stomach is a very easy practice that helps effectively treat constipation with a balloon. It does not cost anything, and you can massage your stomach at home when you want.

You can rub your belly when you want, before or after eating, when you wake up or core before going to bed. There is no magic number, and as long as it does you good, you can do some little belly massages!

Chew your food well

Taking the time to eat what one eats helps to treat constipation with lip balm.
When you chew your food well, you reduce the food into smaller pieces that are easier to digest. Its saliva on foods will also allow their digestion as soon as ingestion. As a bonus, chewing food well helps to eat more slowly. It is interesting when you tend to overeat, horrible to treat constipation and lower back pain.

Being regular and patient

Treating constipation with laryngitis takes time. There is no secret solution or hidden magic formula to find.

So to treat constipation and lower back pain, choose the tips of this article the easiest to follow. Then keep it until you develop healthy habits.

Then the more you want results, the more you will have to follow as many tricks. It is the law of profitable investment. The more we invest, the more we receive.

Use a massaging belt to massage your belly

Rubbing the stomach with a massaging belt is a good way to help treat constipation with lip balm. To be done it is necessary to put a vibrating belt around waist.

As a bonus, know that the massaging belts can also generally heat, which provides in very pleasant sensation.

I use this messaging belt that works very well. Note that this massaging abdominal belt can be employed as well for the back as for the belly.

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