CHOCOLATE AND CONSTIPATION: Does chocolate constipate? When it comes to constipation, the received ideas have a hard life …

CHOCOLATE AND CONSTIPATION: Does chocolate constipate?
CHOCOLATE AND CONSTIPATION: Does chocolate constipate?

Chocolate and constipation

Does chololate constipate ?

When it comes to constipation, the received ideas have a hard life: bananas or rice should be avoided in case of constipation. Some foods could slow down transit (so-called “constipating” foods) or on the contrary “cure” constipation or even cause diarrhea.
Diet plays an essential role in maintaining intestinal transit, and a good balance of food makes it possible to avoid transit disorders.

What is the square of chocolate in our diet?

People who like to enjoy chocolate are numerous … The French consume more than 390 000 tons per year or about 7 kg per person. Chocolate can be good for health, if eaten in a reasonable quantity of course, as for all small pleasures.

The chocolate contains fiber: 100 grams of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa bring 10 grams of fiber, more than some vegetables.

Attention, however, we speak here of black chocolate rich in cocoa.
Indeed, when it comes to chocolate, we must distinguish:

Dark chocolate: it contains at least 43% cocoa (measured on dry matter), of which at least 26% cocoa butter and 14% dry defatted cocoa

Milk chocolate: at least 25% cocoa or 30% milk chocolate called “excellent.”

White chocolate: it does not contain cocoa but at least 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk (dry matter)

Moreover, all these compositions are governed by strict laws.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate on Transit

Thus, it is indeed dark chocolate of which one speaks when mentioning the benefits of chocolate on the transit.

Dark chocolate contains iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Moreover, the more you choose black (today, dark chocolates containing up to 99% cocoa are marketed), the lower its sugar level will be.

Cocoa, therefore dark chocolate, contains fibers that have a beneficial effect on the transit. They contribute to its proper functioning and help to avoid or reduce constipation.

In summary, is chocolate constipated? No, if you consume it in reasonable quantities. Does it give diarrhea? Neither, although consumed in excess, dark chocolate can accelerate transit, due to its richness of minerals and fiber.

Constipation and diet: chocolate, fiber … and pleasure

The dark chocolate is not constipated, it can even be considered an “anti-constipation” food.
Because of its slightly bitter taste, dark chocolate does not appeal to all. Some prefer milk chocolate, softer and more melting or white chocolate. However, as with many foods, any excess will have a consequence on the transit.

Dark chocolate is not necessarily bitter. Discover it gradually, testing dark chocolates at 50%, then 60% cocoa.

The offer is plethoric: black chocolate with fleur de sel, pistachios, raspberry, almonds, caramel in salted butter …
Start with a square that you will allow to melt delicately on the tongue, An Italian coffee or a good tea.

“Anti-constipation” foods

This is the reputation of the chocolate “constant” corrected: it does not constipate if it is chosen black, that is to say with a cocoa rate of at least 43%.

However, it is hard to consider chocolate as an “anti-constipation food.”
In the case of constipation inconvenient, the key can not rest only on a square of chocolate: it is necessary to review its weekly food intakes.
Do you drink enough water? Are you eating enough whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, high in fiber?
Did you know that complete rice, legumes are also “anti-constipation” foods?

If you have problems with intestinal transit, particularly chronic or recurrent constipation, your pharmacist or dietician can advise you on natural-acting foods that will enrich the proportion of dietary fiber in your daily diet.

Optifibre, for example, is a dietary food for special medical purposes, available in pharmacies and made of 100% plant-based guar fibers. These soluble fibers have a demonstrated action on the regulation of transit.

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