Constipation symptoms such as swollen belly or flatulence: Before applying methods to treat constipation, it is important to ensure that pain in the stomach is due to constipation. There are signs that the stool evacuation problem is suffering. Constipation is identifiable by the onset of symptoms such as swollen belly, flatulence or several other signs. Our article will focus on the symptoms caused by constipation.

Constipation symptoms such as swollen belly or flatulence
Constipation symptoms such as swollen belly or flatulence

What is constipation?

This stomach pain occurs when stools or disassimilation products move abnormally in the large intestine. Because of these deliberate actions, fecal matter accumulates in the intestine longer than usual, which makes them dry and hard.

This causes an uncommon and fairly painful stool evacuation. Constipation is a benign disease. If the pain is not treated properly, it can get worse and lead to complications.

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Symptoms of constipation

Constipated individuals can identify their illness by taking into account different indices such as:

  • Tough and dry stools, difficulty expelling
  • The impression that the intestines have not been entirely emptied
  • Gases
  • Indigestion
  • Sensation of abdominal bloating
  • Saddles are slowed down
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain or pressure in the abdomen
  • Bleeding caused by stress

When constipated, all these symptoms do not appear at the same time. They vary depending on the nature of the disease. Those who suffer from constipation of progression will find that they have little desire to go to the toilet. The constipation of evacuation, on the other hand, manifests itself by difficulties during the evacuation of the stools.

Complications caused by neglected constipation

Even if this stomachache is often a benign disease, it is advisable to treat it quickly, because, by enduring the pain posed by this stomach ache, the situation may worsen. For example, constipation can lead to hemorrhoidal seizures.

Evacuation of large stools can cause tearing of the skin; these annular cracks are extremely painful. In the case of chronic constipation, the patient may suffer from rectal prolapse and diverticulosis. Find out all you need to know about the symptoms of constipation by reading our ebook devoted to this very simple stomach ache.

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